Tuesday, December 29, 2009

cute music box...for your baby boys...

Beautiful music box with spaceman and rocket ship which dance & spin when the music is played.
Melody : Boléro
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

is that real denture?!?!?!

wow...so creative n fun...denture soap
i can't imagine , wash our hands with this soap..
feel like our grandparent's denture bite our hands..LOL
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candy jar with tooth decay model..

Performance & visual artist/dentist David Khang sculpted this
anatomically accurate, porcelain candy jar -
available in : gold, silver or white fillings


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sterile your to brush....just shake it !!


managing medicine

source : yangko design


Monday, December 7, 2009

Melody ball00n

The Melody Balloon is on its own trip, and by this I mean it flies, floats, hovers…whatever! While it’s on trip to la la land, the player stays grounded thanks to the earbuds fixed into your ears. Silly as this may sound to some, but children these days find no pleasure in the helium filled balloons, this Melody Balloon is more their types. Kinda like their RC planes, only this one’s flight and play are controlled via the finger ring that it comes with. Conventional folks may want to keep this rooted to the battery recharger.

source : yangko design


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

bird as a note...

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

great shot... by john lewis

Top Scots music blog The Pop Cop set themselves the task of finding the best music photography of 2008, and after months of scouring the web found a winner.
this spectacular shot by John Lewis who caught Sam McTrusty from Twin Atlantic mid-flight. It’s here for no other reason than we thought it was pretty tremendous too.
See more of John’s pics at www.johnlewisphoto.co.uk

" cool photography...like it^^ "


Saturday, November 14, 2009

od fashioned dental chair...

source : eurobrick


dentist room in small size

dentist room in boxes...cute ^^
dmmalva made it ..


Saturday, November 7, 2009

celebrity teeth before - after ..part 2

zac efron

c cole


victoria 'posh spice' beckham

source: glamour


celebrity teeth before - after ... star with good smile

He's got one of the best smiles in Hollywood, but it took some work for Tom Cruise to acheive his signature grin. The actor decided to fix his smile in 2005 after taking one of his children to the orthodontist who had noticed that the star's teeth were out of alignment.

Of course the first noticeable difference in Steve-O's smile is the drastic whitening process that took his yellow-stained teeth to pearly white. The funny guy's makeover reportedly shut down his dentist's office for a week.

Gwen Stefani was another famous face who was brave enough to wear braces during the height of her career. The singer proudly showed off a mouth full of metal when she made the choice to correct her smile in 1999.
Even the new wiring couldn't hold back the singer's fashion-forward style: Gwen often wore multi-colored bands on her braces.

for another celebrity teeth metamorph click here


Saturday, October 31, 2009

miniature box of dentist room


Saturday, October 17, 2009

flashing timer toothbrush

These neat little toothbrushes look like a standard brush,
but when you push the rubber tip at the bottom -
they light up brilliantly!

They flash for 60 seconds which is the recommended time for a child to brush their teeth.

"great innovation..
many mother told the dentist,that her child already brushes their teeth twice a day,
but why their teeth still decayed...
mother forget that quality time more important that quantity time....
so flashing timer toothbrush help our child to make it toothbrush activity become good quality
wanna huv one ,buy here"


the official tooth fairy kit

Bureaucracy has even found its way into the Office of the Tooth Fairy.
So, in order to run a tight ship, the Office now make available Official Tooth Fairy Kits
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

karaoke mute-mic

The Mute-Mic does the opposite of a normal microphone and creates a cone of silence around the microphone itself, so all you hear on your headphones is your voice.
It connects via USB and his 100% compatible with the Nintendo Wii.
Let the good times roll..

"you can sing, scream with loud voice, but no one complaining....
sing as loud as you like...^^
wanna huv one buy here"


comb melody

with different length,
you can create the melody just by strumming the teeth of this comb
source : i new idea


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

long distance dental scanner... connected to our dentist...WOW

If you always suffer the scare from dentist, you might like this.
It has two parts, one could be mounted on mirror; the other one, which is actually a scanner, could scan your teeth.
Just put it in your mouth and bite it and then put it back on the base, all the information gonna be transmitted to your dentist.

"wow.. excellent!! Sarah Tisdale design it.
really usefull for both the dentist and the patient, to know which tooth has a decay and need further treatment.
but we still need to go to the dentist.. to filled the decay"



Tooth Piks are molars on a mission
one side is a perfect little party fork and the other side a spoon for scooping and
spreading. No matter what’s on offer you’ve got it covered!
These handy little utensils are washable, reusable, durable,and food-safe.

Design: Jason Amendolara

©2008 FRED


Saturday, October 3, 2009

piano doorbell

Although the tone of the doorbell is not as monotonous as before, it is still different from piano. However, China’s designer Li Jianye gives us a piano doorbell. This product has several piano keys which allows the guest to play what ever tone he likes.

Designer: Li Jianye
for another innovative stuff see i new idea homepage


guitar bag .... music lover will luv it !!!

Specially designed for music lovers...luv it!!
this unique guitar bag by Pratesi in vegetable-dyed calf leather features a built in a mini speaker and outlet for your MP3 player.
Isn’t it cool to enjoy music just with a guitar bag?


tooth necklace

A lovely sterling silver necklace consisting of an adorable thin chain supporting a molar pendant adorned with black tied ribbon bow. details here

A silver plated baby tooth hangs on a 17" silver plated chain.
Closes with a spring ring clasp. buy it or just keep it

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