Saturday, January 30, 2010

the glass of denture

really...really cool... very creative product....
denture's ice cube. is it cool or wierd?!?!
for me ..that's cool ^^


wii drum it it


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

michael jackson carricature


Saturday, January 16, 2010

musical notes will open the lock

Imagine having a lock shaped like a piano, complete with musical keys.
Hao Hua, an Industrial Design engineer has designed the Music Lock drawing inspiration from a piano.
It is palm sized cable type lock and does away with the need for conventional keys. Just key in a short passage of music as your password and you have applied the lock.
No more simple locks for music lovers.
design launches


protect your toothbrush...

keep your toothbrush clean and sterile
great design, innovative n stylish


giant teeth model ....

This model is ideal for demonstrating dental hygiene and tooth care.
Can be manipulated manually in a hand-puppet fashion.
Size: 150 x 185 x 140mm
buy here


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello Kitty 2GB MP3 player....cute ^^

This cutty gadget has an integrated FM radio receiving capability with no screen feature. It will be launched in Japan, but with e-store options, suppose international buyers could also make a purchase arrangement from Sanrio.
more details here


plays your mp3 and CD's collection also...

The DMP “Dual Music Player” is the brainchild of Yong-Seong Kim, this wonderful concept incorporates all that we know and love about portable music players. The DMP will play MP3’s and CD’s and can also be paired with your Bluetooth headphones.

If You want to enjoy your audio CDs while traveling but you also have a huge MP3 collection at home that you want to take with you. The ideal solution?

DMP, a portable music player that supports CD and MP3 files. Use the MP3 player as you normally would, hang it around your neck, clip it on your jeans or place it in your pocket. Otherwise open both sides and insert your favorite CD and you got yourself a CD player.

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