Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why do doctors have such bad handwriting?

i'm googling and i found pediatric dentistry blog, who share about doc's bad handwritting, he say:
Many people think most docs have atrocious handwriting.
Why? Did they always have this condition? Do they teach it in medical and dental school?
Being a dentist, I think I know the answer. Firstly doctors do not have bad handwriting, they just choose to write badly. This is not a conscious decision to confuse people, but an unintentional consequence of viewing other things as more important or urgent in the moment. These are the same people who have developed fine motor skills for precise surgical procedures. They CAN move a pen and write well.

From personal experience, I have three writing styles. One is artistic and legible, the second is legible but occasionally a little more messy, and finally I have the doctor chicken scratch. Why do I "choose" to write messily? Like I mentioned above, we may be in a time crunch, usually not rushed, but mentally, writing takes on less importance than other things going on at the time. Even if we are not in a hurry, we immediately place the importance of a legible signature, etc. below that of a patient's time, the patient waiting in the next room and the much more important (to us at the time) of putting all our energy into diagnosis and treatment concerns.

As an aside, in the past there was a certain shorthand used for prescriptions that would mean, say three teaspoons that would be just a squiggle that the pharmacist would understand. These days it is still important the pharmacist and other health care professionals understand orders, prescriptions and notes. Thank goodness for the development of paperless solutions and computers. Oh, and spell check too!

" i agree with his statement, wrong opinion said that worse handwritting means that u're a better even best doctor. it's just because we are in a rush... actually the doc have a good handwritting"


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Orchestra Kitchenware

This set of kitchenware will spread silent notes of musical tunes through your kitchen, calming everyone present and putting them into a light and fun mood.
Every product included in this fascinating line of kitchenware represent music, either as a musical note or instrument, making you feel like part of a huge orchestra.

Promising an enjoyable meal, the Orchestra Kitchenware includes :
the Guitar Plate fashioned with strings for you to strum a romantic melody

Xyloplate complete with drumsticks

Do-Re-Mi Wine Glass, and Maracas Pepper and Salt Shakers

Completing the sense of living in music is the Music Note Hanger

source here


x-ray's umbrella

cool....this umbrella really suits to the doctor..
who have many x-ray's record of their patient..
so..innovative ^^



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the good and the bad tooth . . . as a handphone's accessories

this handphone's accessories also can remind you to keep ur tooth healthy.


Policeman doggy or Fireman bull for your kids

Kids toothbrush with child-friendly features and toothbrush cover for children aged 3+ and up
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

x'mas tree's ornament for the dentist . . . ^^

buy this ornament in dental divas about $ 12.95


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CNBlue - I'm a loner

i've heard this song once... n i luv it ^^
for see the video of i'm a loner click more

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