Wednesday, November 18, 2009

bird as a note...

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

great shot... by john lewis

Top Scots music blog The Pop Cop set themselves the task of finding the best music photography of 2008, and after months of scouring the web found a winner.
this spectacular shot by John Lewis who caught Sam McTrusty from Twin Atlantic mid-flight. It’s here for no other reason than we thought it was pretty tremendous too.
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" cool it^^ "


Saturday, November 14, 2009

od fashioned dental chair...

source : eurobrick


dentist room in small size

dentist room in boxes...cute ^^
dmmalva made it ..


Saturday, November 7, 2009

celebrity teeth before - after ..part 2

zac efron

c cole


victoria 'posh spice' beckham

source: glamour


celebrity teeth before - after ... star with good smile

He's got one of the best smiles in Hollywood, but it took some work for Tom Cruise to acheive his signature grin. The actor decided to fix his smile in 2005 after taking one of his children to the orthodontist who had noticed that the star's teeth were out of alignment.

Of course the first noticeable difference in Steve-O's smile is the drastic whitening process that took his yellow-stained teeth to pearly white. The funny guy's makeover reportedly shut down his dentist's office for a week.

Gwen Stefani was another famous face who was brave enough to wear braces during the height of her career. The singer proudly showed off a mouth full of metal when she made the choice to correct her smile in 1999.
Even the new wiring couldn't hold back the singer's fashion-forward style: Gwen often wore multi-colored bands on her braces.

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